BMVC Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

It is choir policy to comply with UK copyright laws under all circumstances.  In order to satisfy legal obligations:

  • The Choir does not make or use copies of any music or musical arrangements (for any purpose including concerts and rehearsals) unless such music is in the public domain and no longer the subject of copyright ownership.
  • All copyrighted music or musical arrangements used are obtained by purchase, hiring or other legitimate means. Where it is necessary the permission of the arranger must be sought to perform a musical arrangement.
  • The Choir checks that venues for its concerts are appropriately licensed with the Performing Rights Society or its equivalent, and, after each performance, will pass a detailed report of pieces performed to the relevant licensee (unless the venue or performance is exempt and such exemption to be verified by the Executive Committee of the Choir).

Adherence to the above is expected of all members of the choir.